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Have you just purchased the new Echo Dot device? This device fits practically anywhere after the dot download and supports all the features of previously released Amazon versions. The Echo Dot device has dramatically improved the music streaming and listening experience of the users. Dot delivers improved sound quality than its predecessors, but sometimes, it still lacks the booming features when it comes to sound quality.

If you just want to hear the latest news, play games, or buy a new product, the Echo Dot device is good. But, if you want to listen to music, it may not share satisfactory performance. But, you do not need to fear as you can always connect the Echo Dot device to your external speakers to improve the sound quality.
So, if you are using the Echo Dot device and want to connect it to an external speaker after the dot download, follow the steps mentioned below:
Plugin your speaker
If you wish to connect the speaker to Echo Dot, you will require a standard 3.5mm Audio cable having connections on both ends. Plugin in the cable to speaker’s Aux-in connection from one end and plug in the other end to Dot’s Aux out the connection. Turn on your speaker, this will pump out the sound from your device.

Stream through Bluetooth
If you do not want to be tangled around the cable, then you can stream the music using the Bluetooth connection. Amazon also shares the tips that what kind of Bluetooth speaker you should use. Once you have got the speaker, turn it on and put then speaker in pairing mode. Go to the Alexa app, and click on the device icon. Choose the button of ‘Echo and Alexa’.

Device Name
Now, at the ‘Echo and Alexa’ screen, tap the device name which you want to set up with your speaker.
Click on the settings for ‘Bluetooth Devices’.
Pair It
Click on the Button to ‘Pair a New device’.
Choose Speaker
The Alexa app will now start searching for the nearby Bluetooth devices to pair them with your echo dot setup. Click on your speaker’s name when it pops up.
Alexa App
Once you have successfully paired the device, the speaker will display you the list of Bluetooth devices in your Alexa app. You can use the Alexa to stream and music and execute the other tasks, the sound will be piped via a speaker connected to Bluetooth.
If you want to disconnect the speaker, click the speaker's name in the Alexa app and tap to disconnect. Or you simply say ‘Alexa, Disconnect’. This will disconnect your speaker and Alexa will update you when the speaker is disconnected.
That’s All this is how you can connect the speaker to Echo dot after the dot download on your device. Follow the guidelines as mentioned to avoid the mistakes and if you still have a doubt, you can contact the professionals and seek their assistance to fix the concern.

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