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Having Trouble in Setting UP Amazon Echo Dot Device? Try These Quick Fixes

If your Echo Dot setup process is giving you a terrible time, then you have landed on the right page. Many users encounter issues while setting up the Echo Dot device. For completing the setup process, you need to visit the Alexa website or download the Alexa application on your smartphone device. While using the Alexa app, for the Echo setup, many users often encounter the problem of ‘App Stuck on White Screen’, this does not let the user complete the app setup process. In this post, we are sharing the simple guidelines that can help you to set up the Echo Dot device.

There are many other possible issues that you may encounter during the Echo Dot setup; for example- you may find that your Echo light ring is stuck on ‘Blue’ color while the blue light must be turned to orange for completing the setup process. But, if this is not the case, you need to follow the steps below:

In the post, we have mentioned some effective solutions that can help you to fix the Echo Dot Setup issue:

Properly Setup the Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa

Install the Alexa Application and Plugin Echo Dot device

You need to install the Amazon Alexa app on your Android or iOS device. Do not open. Plugin your Amazon Echo Dot device to the power outlet. The light ring on your Echo will blink blue, wait until it turns into the yellowish color and then orange. Launch the Alexa you have installed on your smartphone device.

Launch the Alexa App and Sign-in

Once you launch the application, you will be prompted to sign in to the application. For this, you need to use Amazon Username and the password. If you do not have an account, create the one now because you need Amazon login credentials to log in to Alexa App.

Select your device and language

In the next step, you need to choose your device and select the language for the Echo Alexa. After that, follow the onscreen guidelines to proceed next.

Wait For Orange Light to Blink

Now, you are supposed to connect the Echo to WiFi on the screen saying ‘Begin Echo Setup’. Tap on the ‘Connect to WiFi’ button. Wait until you see the orange ring light.

If your Amazon Echo Dot device is showing the orange ring light, you can complete the Echo Dot setup following the setup guidelines. However, if your device is showing a Blue light ring, restart the device. Hit the Continue button on your application.

Manually Connect To WiFi

Now, you will be directed to the Echo screen where you need to connect your Echo Dot device manually to the WiFi. Follow the on-screen guidelines and connect to the WiFi.

We hope that with these simple guidelines you would be able to connect the Echo device to the WiFi and fix the Echo Dot setup issue. The mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. However, if you are still facing wifi connectivity or setup process, we recommend you contact the experts and take professional advice to get this task done. The experts can give you the best advice and make sure that you do not face any trouble in using your Echo device for the smart life experience.

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